Player Pathway

We are all about player development, our structured coaching programme ensures clear learning objectives at each session. To maintain excellent standards at our sessions we like to keep a ratio of coach to players to ensure your child receives the support they need.

Our player pathway detailed below is aimed to fully prepare children from their First Touch to First Club.

First ToFirst Touch Sessionuch
(3.5 to 4 years)

Our 1 hour long classes are designed towards building a desire to play football. We introduce basic movements such as dribbling, turning and more through fun games and basic drills with the goal to improve concentration levels.




Touch Two Session

(5 to 6 years)

Our young players now attend our unique 2 hour class as we begin to work on proper technique and engage the children in active discussion and set weekly practical homework.



Development SessionDevelopment
(7 to 8 years)

We now begin to improve our players ball mastery, introduce 1-on-1 scenarios, basic positioning and more to engage our players over our 2 hour class.


Benefits of choosing us:

  • Clear improvement of skills, whatever position or ability
  • Safe and fun learning environment for your kids
  • Creating confident players
  • Making new friends and appreciate the benefits of teamwork
  • Instilling a good work ethic into your child, a skill that is important in life
  • Promoting healthy eating and living


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