What should my child wear?

Our football classes are primarily indoors, for a taster class we would recommend top, shorts and socks and trainers for indoor play – no football colours please.

At First Touch Football we have our own football kit which we expect all our players which can be purchased on arrival at the class for £25.00

Are we expected to stay at the sessions?

Your are not expected to stay at the sessions however we would recommend parents/guardians who are new to us or have young children (3.5 to 4 years) remain close by.

Please note, all of our classes are closed doors so that the children’s full attention will be on our activities.

What do the kids get out of it?

We actively encourage positive and creative play in the game and provide training in all aspects of the game, through our structured coaching programme, each class will focus on developing a specific skill whilst being tons of fun!

How early should I arrive to the class?

We would recommend arriving at least 5 minutes before the start of classes ensuring they have made our of the venue’s toileting facilities before the class is set to start.

Is there easy parking?

Yes you should be able to find easy, free parking within close range of all our classes.

What are your payment methods?

Your journey with us starts with choosing your closest Football Academy for your child and registering online for a taster class which costs £5.00 and can be paid by cash or cheques made payable to “First Touch Football”. We will then review your details and confirm their place.

After a taster class we then ask that you set up a standing order with us which starts from £22/month (4 months) however prices will vary depending on the class your child attends.

Forms can be filled out on arrival and the registration fee is £25.00 where your child will take home their very own First Touch Football Strip, Water bottle and Coaching Programme.

We offer a great 15% discount for members on all Football Camps we are running over both Easter and Summer 2014 and a 10% sibling discount too!

Please note we also accept cash/cheque payments aswell.

Your feedback

If you have had any other questions that have not been covered here or you would like more information please Contact us

There are potentially quite a few weeks where there are holidays due to Easter and May day bank/school holidays. Can you advise what the situation will be with regards to the availability of classes through this period, and how this works with regards to the standing order if classes are not running?


Yes our football classes run in line with the school year so that typically where there is a school holiday we will be off aswell. To confirm when we are off please look at the bottom of the “Football Academy” section on our website.

Standing order prices have been set so that you will not be paying for any classes when we are off.