A Welcome From Craig

Craig Mair

Craig Mair

“If you believe it, you can achieve it”


I am delighted to personally welcome you to First Touch Football. It gives me great joy to share my passion and enthusiasm for football with you.

I have always been a big fan of playing football from a young age, inspired by those moments we will never forget. It truly is ‘the beautiful game’ whether you are playing on the world stage or in your local Saturday team it is a sport for all.

Over the years I have came across a variety of talented young people who possess that electric enthusiasm for football than you cannot help but appreciated. Such people make coaching such a rewarding experience and is the main reason I decided to start First Touch. I’m sure anyone would agree that the feeling of making a positive difference in a young player’s life is priceless!

Currently we offer children’s football classes within Glasgow and the surrounding area and we are looking forward to accessing more communities throughout Scotland.

Craig Mair
Head Coach