About Us

At First Touch Football, we are all about delivering a great experience in football for children.

A player’s ‘First Touch’ is often an indication of the difference between being a good player and a GREAT player’. First Touch is a recognised football term and one that carries with it a lot of inherent significance and importance within the game at its highest level. A great ‘First Touch’ is paramount to a player being able to play faster, more creatively and more successfully.

“Confidence is key!”

Starting in 2012, First Touch Football was founded from the vision to create a great first experience to football for children from their First Touch to First Club through clear learning objectives and quality coaching.

We are now a leading Football Academy in Glasgow who deliver football classes in Glasgow to over a hundred children on a weekly basis to children from 3 1/2 up to 8 years old within a positive training environment.

Our unique 2 hour classes for children 5+ years allows our teachings to “sink in” as we begin to work on proper technique and engage the children in active discussion and set weekly practical homework.

Delivered by enthusiastic coaches our shared goal is to create an atmosphere that encourages children to try new skills, where it is OK to make mistakes so long as they learn from it and to celebrate improvement regardless of how small.

“Friends can train together regardless of the team they support”

Our belief is that confidence is key to developing young talent, irrespective of ability, whether a complete beginner or the next Messi!

We actively encourage positive and creative play in the game and provide training in all aspects of the game, through our structured coaching programme, each session will focus on developing a specific skill whilst being tons of fun!